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Formed initially from a group of like-minded people over a decade ago the informal club became official in October 2006.

Many members of the Club have a long history of competing in motor sport events, with members competing at a high level in Hillclimbs, Sprints, Autocross, Autotests, circuit racing, Rallies, and Navigational Runs. It aims to be encouraging to new members to start competing and then providing the stimulus for them to further develop their skills.

Many members of the club come to it with no competitive inclination, but simply a love of the hand-built car and the open road, and the cheerful friendship of like minded enthusiasts. The club runs many events to cater for these members too. Of course many competitive members like to join in with the social side too!

Our programme of events is formulated annually and constantly updated, and we welcome requests from all members. If people want to do it, in a roadster, and it's legal, we'll organise it! (Probably).

Our main object is to encourage interest in enjoying wind-in-the-hair, seat-of-the-pants motoring in all its forms, and our emphasis is on 4 wheeled hand-built or modified cars and motorsport. Membership is open to adults of any age or sex with neither age, nor type of car owned, precluding participation. It is not necessary to own a vehicle to gain the benefit from our club as armchair enthusiasts and spectators are just as welcome but members active with their own transport gain the most. As part of its communication process, the Club also publishes 'Torque Tales', its own newsletter containing news and information for members. There is a continuing need for willing helpers, both male and female at our events and there is a vital and interesting role to be played by anyone keen to act as a marshal or other representative of the Club. Are you interested in finding out more? Then come down to one of the events in our calendar, or our monthly 'first Friday' meet The Old Colonial, Dunbottle Lane, Mirfield, WF14 9JJ just off the A62 or the A644 at Mirfield (M62 - junction 25 eastbound or J27 westbound.  You can then meet the members of the friendliest motor club in the North, or apply for membership by either downloading the membership form or by e-mailing membership@northernroadsters.co.uk for details of how to join by snail mail.

Check our calendar page for details of our forthcoming activities.

Latest News

The fourth Filey Fish and Chip Run. 13 Made it. Sec & the Tiger Twins dissented to Silverstone (two competing on a late passover entry, the other acting as pit boy. Mr. Darkbeer blobbed because there may be a cloud or two – no excuse! The first rendezvous was at Miller & Carter and setting off on time in bright sunshine at 9.15 prompt to RV on route with the rest. The remainder arrived at the Old Red Lion to a photo shoot – the landlady was impressed. Then onwards to Seaways for a coffee stop & bike feast. Onwards and eastwards into the overcast, passing the prancing horse and reaching the North Bay car park without any farmyard detours. The weather was OK if only 14 degrees. The ensemble descended down to the landing and of the breeze for fresh cooked fish and chips. 
Entertainment was provided by two yokels trying to launch their day boat first nearly running us over at forty MPH on the sand then getting stuck reversing into the ocean. So attempt number two included unhooking the beached trailer, attaching a forty foot rope that soon became fifty foot following the leap up the seashore as the vessel catapulted forwards nearly knocking papa over and spearing the back of the 4x4 luggermobile. Eventually the boat was launched but father had to wade up to his chest to catch it floating away in the breeze. Grand amusement. With the clowns parked safely the mandatory sandcastles were made before half opted to test Olivers Mount café whilst the other half walked on the prom to the paddling puddle where the sun properly came out. Young (and old) played and chatted for an hour before walking back to the North Cliff to meet the cake hunters and set off in convoy on the way home passing by the bad accident which must have only just happened. Comments later said it could have been one of us if we haven't stopped off for fuel! All got home safe and sound with no breakdowns this year. All in all a grand day out.

Misfortunate June and early attendees having tea saw Mr. Tango shake in after being run into en Route, the posh Jaguar diver likes oranges it seems. Not too much damage but a new wing required. So after tea everyone hotfooted out to look at his car followed by random standing around each vehicle in turn generally chatting and looking at shiny bits. Johnny Petrolhead talked about ‘cats’ for MOTs, Mr. Corgi talked about his new kitty and vets bills galore ! The Tiger Twins have a misfire following the Scammy event and after scrounging some sparky leads & new NGK's are ready for Blyton. Gulfman’s car is still stuck in the garage awaiting completion of the drive. Not turned a wheel in the fine weather - timing is everything! Collective nouns for kit cars were a topic with the most probable conclusion being a ‘frustration’.  Mr. MK having just completed jury service brought out some conversational points and showed off the new front wing on the supreme green Saab MK. Everyone likes the green colour. Plans were muted to go to the Cock of the North road race. Various offsets seemed to crop up, Fencewrecker having new spacers to fill the arches properly, Seasick P having some & Mr. Tango now having a big one! Spring rates for a comfy supersoft compliant suspension  Filey Fish & Chip run out itinerary was sorted before we all drove off into the warm night.

Sizzling Stonleigh. The weather was hot hot hot and 17 eventually made it in 13 cars to the same place as last year. A good thing since the old camping pitch was still a paddy  field after recent rain and the MNR transporter got stuck up to the axles.  Mr Darkbeer was on daughter duties and anyway doesn't do camping and Gulfdriver has a good excuse since the baby was on its way. Seasic P was on hospital duties with family. OGL nearly didn't get there - breaking down 4 miles from the Showground running on no electrics alternator. Johnny Petrolhead & Sec came to the rescue put some juice in the battery so he could  drive the last 3 miles with the pair riding shotgun. Everyone descended on the car to test what the problem was and confirmed the alternator had packed up but with no warning light.. And attempt was made to pre-book a breakdown for the next day to flatbed the car home but this corrupts the system so it would have to be attempted the next day. Sizzling Stoneleigh. Tigerman wined all the way down (that's straight cut gears  for you). A busy show with a few tuning company omissions but the major manufacturers were there (except Caterham).  Sporadic barbecues were fired up for an afternoon tea and followed by a perimeter lap round in search of more beer. We chanced on the North West Oners Group stand where CD! And dad were and watched some half price pizzas being delivered (all 17 of them) and MP3 passed round a very swig-able apple whiskey from America before cajoling a few in to the fluorescent orange alcopopapothecary when the next door stand sponsored by a beer company announced that had an excess so we just had to help out! The temperature dropped dramatically in the evening but was survivable if wrapped up warm. The talking continued on into the early hours before the hard turned is as well. The following morning saw breakfast at the farm shop and more laps around the show. OGL phoned the breakdown in and much joy and frivolity was had as the car was loaded onto the trailer with pity for the driver to be trapped in a cab with OGL chattering incessantly fro 120 miles. The reminder set off in convoy an hour behind with Tigerman whining all the way home. Everyone got home safely and let's hope the weather is as good for next year! Talk is there will be a tripleheader band on the Saturday night so it may be a full weekend affair next year.

May 4th be with you – Plenty cars came out to play for the first time this year. The nomads are still nomadic but no Sec this month as he was having a culture night at the theatre so Darfdriver lowered the tone instead with tales to the assembled clan about Ravensthorpe ramblings and daylight liaisons - shocking all it seems. The Tiger twins are set to go racing starting on the 20th. The new tiger is set for the IVA and should pass easily ready for the roads and track. Mr Darkbeer enjoyed a 100 : 1 girl boy ratio concert at the garden centre but couldn't find the correct toilet in the expansive display of 50 new bathrooms but did find the frog gnomes. Johnny Petrolhead confessed he is into gnomes with a frog adorning the drive then entertained us with USA relaxed gun laws and the stupid strict drink laws in Denver where you need an ID drink under 15 but anyone can fire a weapon ! Mr.Darkbeer also has designs on the plastic palm trees at Batley and wants to convert his house into a Thunderbird Island set with the black panther splitting the trees on departure from the garage.  Tigerman admitted he can't change straight cut gears easily on track. Data protection forms signed for those present. Roll on Stoneleigh but Mr Darkbeer doesn't do camping and Gulfman has a pending new family member ETA bank holiday Monday so aren’t attending

April & Deferred AGM - the Coterie attended the postponed AGM- the longest yet. OGL must be slipping.  The Junta sidestepped and became the banger of the baton loaf admirably assisting proceedings.  A new promotional media position created with existing posts re elected and dynamic H&S risk assessment proposed for every venue attended and more trips out penned for this year with Thornes Park car show getting on the list, maybe a mid month venue meet or a First Friday drive around to pastures elsewhere.  A list was passed around for people to add more ideas summer/winter trips out, social events or perhaps a barbeque hunt.  Ideas so far muted - going to the dogs/speedway/tractor pulling/bowling/eating/breakfast club, TOCA, etc.  Mr. Darkbeer fancies becoming the Adults Entertainment Officer!  Watch this space. 
Events since the last gathering see the nomads as still nomadic, OGL had windscreen washer woes, Sec had snow woes as his car set off down the hill and had an accident all by itself, on the ice and snow whilst he was watching telly at the time.  The TiggaTwins are nearly ready for IVA and MOT to get the Martini completed and on the road and the beast on the track but illogical changing MSA tyre lists causing frustrations.  Gulfdriver told us about his mini adventures of youth with spurious copper stops and how Westfield's (and Minis) were not square, Sec and Tigerman talked about gearboxes and years of gears  So with tonsils oiled, the world sorted, an extensive year mapped out, costs ratified races penned everyone set off home but where were the lemon pancakes?

Snow Show AGM – The Beast from the East battered the hills and dales and the Pests from the West were hunkered under drifts so, the AGM is postponed until April First Friday. A couple of Yokels made it in, Mr Darkbeer and the TiggrTwins plotted a mutiny with the new sheriff in town clad in ceremonial robes of LUFC shades.  The new rules immediately set by ‘Fidel’ Darkbeer consisted of increased club fees to cover the costs of Fidel’s replacement M&S R888’s and rules of how to get full marks at the quiz with every answer being Kylie…… Marshals Tigerman and Tiggergal posted possessive placard rights to Cas Town warning all to stay away, no doubt this will not be hard to heed.  The quiz on Wednesday will doubtless see the new ruling junta deposed and the failed coup d'état quashed and consigned to the annals of lore.

February First Friday and a meal for many early attendees helped down with lots of retro music from the birthday party.  The only person turning up in a kit was Mr Corgi braving the sub zero temperatures !  Mr Darkbeer walked the bad week blues away and cheered up once oily bits were discussed.  Tigerman now has 7 seats but only 2 cars, and one car has two seats fixed already!   Fencewrecker has one car and no seats !  Tiggergal was showing off her partly clad body to everyone who cared to look at the photos.  A sight but no blue stripes showing yet  Tiger man is barred from working on his own car until ‘Martini’ is completed and a big push needed to finis the build to get ready to fit in with the hectic social events and 2018 competition calendar.  Johnny Petrolhead questioned the durability of BMW bushes and Mr Corgi questioned the cost of government courses teaching you how to do the job you do daily and already know.   Both the international and league ‘egg chaser’ season started this week and sparked a debate of rugby vs. rugby with  a debate of which is the best and proper discipline .  No actual conclusion was reached.   Sec admitted mixing up his pop artists way back in the day, hob-knobbing with the stars.  Seasick P thinks offspring no. 1 looks cool with the accidental skinhead cut but   Cost Centre One didn’t seem to agree.  Many are sad to see the grade girls go.  Most subs are now paid but more will be accepted by anybody not yet handing over their cash.  The AGM is next month.

New Years first meet January 2018 and the question is raised - Is it 12th night yet? Some say 5th some the 6th. The pub decorations were still looking very festive even though half were removed!  Mr Tango is back and good to see he is OK and is now added to the WhatsApp group. A small motorsports quiz started the proceedings then various tales of the festive holiday were told.  Tiggergal transformed her holiday in an exceptional creating much jealously amongst the other lasses! Holly Willoughby was there too and OGL announced she is his mate although she didn't know it at the time.  Mr. Darkbeer likes the USA because it has trucks, big cars, muscle cars, barbecues made from Tractors, gung galore, big birds and belly dancing barmaids. Tigerman has been given window of opportunity to put the gearbox back in his Tiger before work recommences on the build of ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’s build.  Fencewrecker's dad apparently likes washing phones (in toilets).  A new business idea for a sure fired Dragons Den investment cert for a spiffing local business venture was countered a little until the possibility of a pole to gyrate the ‘meat’ round was mentioned.  Some talked about ECU’s, V6 Mazda & Ford engines and which gearboxes mate up, hydrodynamic catamaran sailing theory and the technology of the Americas Cup boats, others about driving instructor teaching on the limit counter steering to steer into a circle. This years events calendar is planned in outline and new ideas are being put forward so keep an eye out for updates on the Calendar page. Christmas dinner is the diary so no confusion this year.

Christmas Dinner - Fun friendly frivolity featured & with fab festive food, frothy festive tipples.  A few failed to join the feast as one had to work in the USA, one convalescing from some former hospital fiddly functions. Fencewrecker frowned, focussing firmly at some full-on features filling the vista festooned over the bar. The evening flew by and merry farewells were given all to soon with expectations of what with Father Christmas and the future will bring?  Merry Christmas and best wishes to all for 2018. See you all next year probably fighting the flab in the first month until February.

December First Friday – The Sec teased all those present with an examination of their understanding of Paddington's rough treatment at the hands of the Robertsonian Golly slayers. There was surely more of which to tell - now let me see, once the Fug n Fog of Booze n Cake begins to clear..........

November and the early meal attendees played musical chairs so that the stragglers could all sit together.  Fencewrecker’s car is in bits, Tigerman's car is in bits, OGL's GTM has the door off in bits, Tiggergal hasn't put spanner to the chassis yet so has boxes of bits & Milly is always in bits.  The rest said it was raining so everyone came in tin tops. Nige and Dancer are currently squatting, looking for a double garage with house attached. Mr Darkbeer (the music encyclopaedia) says there is one two doors up as he persuaded them to move out probably with engine revving. ‘Twas revealed that two cars will be in Martini livery next year- the white MG and the new Tiger. In fact fact they could be painted Any Time, Any Place, Any Where…..    Tigerman will commence the build on Saturday.  Ideas formed for next years agenda including days out at the speedway/stock car racing/tractor pulling/Rally cross/ Le Mans Classic (but don't tell Mr Darkbeer he will be camping – he doesn’t do camping), oh and then thee is the camping trip probably to Helmsley this time at the YHA.  Blyton dates are set for next year except due to Sec’s Typo; Monday 2nd is Monday 23rd April.  Competition is hotting up as to who will be the fastest between the Mr Darkbeer’s Busa or Tigerman’s track car? Both pledged to lose weight to become the fastest.  Sec started more intriguing tales and whilst most were intrigued Mr Darkbeer mentioned his embarrassing special Sunday lunch.  Christmas dinner choices were ordered, noted and deposits paid for those attending. The rest will be contacted by Sec   Plans were made to meet up Sunday morning at new breakfast venue, the Jem speed shop in Batley for a tin of Spam Fritters (as they are now in season) and Busa rides with the usual quiz contest on Wednesday.

Christmas Menu 2017 
Can all comoing th the meeting on Friday have a look and then we can compile the list of  numbers and requirements please 

2017 Christmas Menu

October A glorious 12 attended and OGL demonstrated the benefits of a Nano to the uninitiated.  Questions were raised as to why Vettel took such care of the Ferrari steering wheel and what are they hiding?  A brief resume of the latest track day and we were honoured as we were attended by a current Renault f1 engineer.   Mr Corgi brought a box of Emeralds (ECU) and recounted tales of how incredibly nervous he was thinking the engine would self destruct on the rolling road.  The Mulsanne Straight - nobody could remember what year the chicane was installed.  General babble from the throng included car electrics and smoking wires that tell the tale of where the fault lies, more bad driving tales of woe and the Tiger gearbox has a few missing teeth (don’t we all !– ed ) and they are straight cut gears! This led to a discussion on gear theory.  Next years camping is set for a venue change other than Masham.  Possible options are Yarm (as Croft is very close), Wales, The Lake District, etc. etc………… Ideas on a postcard to the event secretary or OGL. The Christmas dinner is on 9th December and the menus will be posted on Facebook. . Paul's wedding do is tomorrow

Masham Camping the rendezvous was set at 12 in Yeadon but all bar one came in tin tops, no kits. The CD1’s (aka LP) exhaust fell off en-route so he had to return home.  Fence wrecker’s car was slightly customised by some pro-driver tuition so couldn’t bring it. The Tiger Twins were late (collecting bits and running errands) but had problems with the manic tiger gearbox mounts and clutch levers.  OGL had way too much camping gear to fit in the GTM.  Only Mr & Mrs Corgi turned up in the kit, but then they are local and were not stopping.  So a nice drive to Masham accomplished and a light lunch in the cafe on the corner next to the church.  Very tasty. Then it was off to pitch camp (except those doing posh B and B Mr & Mrs CD1).  The Tiger Twins arrived confusing the Camp Fuhrer with the Berlingo tin tent before walking in the town to help drink it dry.  Sec was laid up due to op recuperation and was missed so we all did a tribute photo shoot to the Toblerone Bear outside the Bear Pub before having a few at the Black Sheep Brewery followed by a tasty tea in the Bruce Arms sat semi outside. Then just another ‘one for the road’ before trekking back to camp where the Tiger Twins learnt that it is easier assembling the new jigsaw puzzle bed in the back of the tin tent a/ whilst it is still light and b/. not under the affluence of incerhol…….. The night was warm with no rain so comfortable even for the sceptics amongst the clan, followed by a full monty breakfast at the camp cafe with a morning reunion to compare sleeping notes before everyone set off on their various ways for Sunday chores. Roll on next year with possible alternative venues suggestions accepted now Masham is perfected..

Mensis Septembris and the assembly talked about an eclectic variety of subjects including bonkers tractor pulling, truck racing, quarry hill climbing with Mr Darkbeer interested in the sport of canal boat turning!  We though watching paint dry could be more fun.  Plenty to look forward to in Septembris such as Seasick P’s stag do, Blyton and the Hospice Challenge, Harewood, Cars in the Park and Olivers Mount, to name but a few.  Tiggergal and Tigerman are now well suited and booted in Nomex and ready to collect a racy trailer.  Concensus is don’t buy tyres for next year yet. Wait until the new MSA list is published. Masham camping was sorted with the challenge from Curlylocks that if she can then Tigerman should.  Then the topic of cats on competition cars came up.  Johnny Petrolhead has to fork out for yet another Beema steering rack at £3000 per pop! Mr Darkbeer’s Busa has problems cold starting - many cures were proffered. 
Mr Corgiman talked about model aircraft costs and scale models of Vulcan bombers with engines at £5000 per pop followed by circular flying theory.  The recent HMC Autosolo was well remembered but the set courses weren’t. Does the course setter get inebriated under the influence of alcohol before setting out the cones? Next gatherings are the quiz, the satg do on the 9th and Tim/s party including the Quo tribute act on the 16th,

Jolly Holiday August -saw a good turnout but Tiggergal was at a wedding leaving Tigerman in charge of the oven.  Sec, announced he is the equivalent age to the Edinburgh festival and held court starting with the announcement of the tingle in his leg and the photo techniques at Wheels in the Park followed by an entertaining spree of jesty banter that had many perplexed.  Some even tried bringing the conversation back to motor-vehicles but skilfully Sec reverted back to his topical tales (as there wasn’t a straight jacket available).   A few took up a Silverstone classic deal with the Booking.com hotel just by Copse. Pottering among the pits Tiggergal was spotted besottedly taking selfies with her hero Howard from Take That. With a beaming ‘smile’ these days they don’t ‘rule the world’, but they can still ‘reach out’ with ‘patience’ as ‘it only takes a minute’ and is she now ‘back for good’.  Masham camping days are looming and this year we hope to do a brewery trip.  This means no Old Peculiar until teatime.  PS bring a straight jacket to restrain sec or at least some bromide to dilute his tea.  Mr Darkbeer doesn't do camping and neither does Mrs CD Original but Tigerman and Tiggergal will have to camp as ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’ is.   Byton sponsored circuit day totalled 998 laps with good funds raised for the Kirkwood Hospice, Fence wrecker having completed the most but still hasn't managed to wear his front tyres out yet!  (Must try harder-Ed)  He lives in hope of buying a new set soon.  This weekend saw Croft Classic, Hebden Car Show and a Harewood so all will be spread thinly attending the preferred venues.  Northern Retro is next weekend up at Crosland Moor Airfield.  Loughton Hall Cars in the Park show is 17th of September. Seasick P is having a stag do In Hudds 9th September-so all that attend come along. Mr Darkbeer has nearly sorted the Busa electrics whilst dreaming of JB Goode’s Stef and her gyrating double bass.  The usual participants will meet for the quiz on Wednesday night. Anyone got any bromide…………….?

July and a tardy few arrived from a busy Thorns Park Car show.  Mr Darkbeer wants a Man but will settle for pulling a tractor on 31 August and not in July as texted as that that's an agricultural show.  He is slowly rewiring the Westie, maybe two batteries, two separate charging circuits considered. One for ignition, one for sundries  Tiggergal admits Tigerman has rhythm ! He paints dancing to Little Mix but now wants urgently needs a fan since the last one went up in smoke. Amazon won't have any as they are staff to down today. Apart from the limited availability off the shelf a few ideas evolved ranging from hair dryers to punkawallah flaps that can be adjusted to add downforce.  Topics for discussion centred on the new battery power hybrids.  Not environmentally sound with heavy metals and power station generating. Plus where do all the plugs and leads go?  Steam might be the new low carbon emission?  A traction engine at each end of the motorway – cars lock on & get pulled along.  So driverless cars and eco friendly all in one go!  An eavesdropping heckler contributed to the bespoke track question.  Audi four rings design quizzed the minds of a few with the companies that they were derived from. Le Mans was an exciting conclusion; Vettel was a very naughty boy and should have been black flagged  A few are talking about booking  Silverstone Classic and Santa Pod.  The Westie boys want to challenge us to a karting competition, we will put in our drivers from the Eebygum Racing team.  Sunday-is Wheels in the Park and JB Good band – either meet at OGL’s for around 11am or make your way there.  Anyone not already done so let Fencewrecker know who has what club kit so he can update ‘the book’.

Filey Fish n Chip Run – the estimated departure time came and went as the organisers arrived tardily, but nine cars set off in convoy to the first RV point to collect a further four. An emergency P pit stop was added in to the itinerary urgent relief before the RV3 and the scheduled stop off for coffee at Seaspray cafe.
Mr Corgi took the lead this time managing to lose half the field on the way to Filey but everyone reunited in the north car park then the fun started as the payment machine wouldn't accept new £1 pound coins and the credit card machine was out of order. So after scrounging some shrapnel from the nearby cafe everyone became legal.  The entourage then set off to the beach.
The sandcastle competition went fine until Fencewrecker broke the buckets, so an ad-hock Stone skimming competition saw James skim his way into the title book with a "fiver' whilst the rest enjoyed the sunshine. The return journey came all too soon but a food stop at a duck pond pub (with no ducks so it was renamed a pond !) before setting off back home.  All went well until Mr Darkbeer broke down, the new MBE Westie dead as a duck having no sparky juice. A possible regulator fault or in-line fuse to the regulator.  Those that stopped had nothing with them to be able help so we left him to the AA (that's the motoring society).
He eventually got home safe and sound on a trailer to investigate the cause of the malady.

June it came so soon saw 17 turn up but mainly in tin tops due to the power wash from the sky, those that arrived early having food. Nice to see Mr and Mrs CD Junior. Tigerman is already looking to change the Tranex diff to a torque bias in the new beast and is impressed with the constant whining from the car middle (not from Tiggergal but the straight cut gears ) . Power loss from helical gears was explained to all. Tiggergal wants a Martini Williams .colour scheme on her new toy and ‘carped’ on about the new "swimming pool" which is actually a pond.
Mr Darkbeer has a new MBE Westie but not driven yet.  Anticipated to be quick and Fencewrecker announced that he very aware of his speed
Some discussion of F1, Monaco stands, Billy Monger and Zanardi continuing racing following horrendous accidents
Newby stories recounted and Silverstone classic mentioned although others such as Croft or Cadwell classic were mentioned as well as. Harewood VSCC on the agenda this weekend for some. Johnny Petrolhead discussed testing driving circles on the limit and being trained to turn left to go right. Counter intuitive but works.
The whole story of the Hole of Horkum being one of the best roads in England recounted.
Plans were made for the Filey fish and chip run with a first ETD 9.30 Three Nuns to collect others en route. Those meeting were looking forward to the sandcastle competition. Sec announced he wasn't leading this year to a sigh of relief all round.

Newby P's & Q's An early rendezvous at the Three Nuns for the part one convoy to travel to Mr Corgi for coffee and for other locals to join up.  Several tripped over Tigerman’s bottom lip as the new purchase wasn't quite ready for being set free yet. Then convoy part two set off with Seasick P popping in to take pictures before having to hunt iPads for cost centre one offspring.  With Corgiman leading the way proudly confident of venue knowledge led us along some nice back roads before promptly getting lost just by the event. So Tiggergal took charge and took us down some nice scenic farm tracks (deja vue anyone?) so after a minor delay we arrived via back roads to join the front of the queue by the entrance rather than the back of the queue by the A1.   Entry was slow with a single file queue fanning into a triple lane queue before filtering back into a single file queue. Then there was some confusion as to where we were supposed to park so an executive decision was made en-masse.  Many trotted off for P’s before a nice picnic followed by walkabout to see the various cars, gardens, teddy bear collection, partake in train rides before returning back for soup and sandwiches.  Cars included Italian and British exotica and supercars, Japanese and past British sports cars, yank tanks, Fords and Porsche’s everywhere, There were some nice reunions with Mr.Polish popping by.  Tank Man and family came as they were in town and it was nice to see a lapsed member from afar - Dave Roberts still racing (but about to retire) who expressed interested in Blyton days one the 750 club boots are hung up. Queues built again as exit cars ripped down the drive showboating so we all waited before setting off home before some final P’s. Mr Darkbeer made it to a garage running on fumes but all got home safe and sound. Great day with some nice cars

First Friday May  - the usual suspects arrived early for Carol’s cuisine and two new potential members - Mr Marlin and ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’. Mr Cobra and Quantum Gal enthused having secured a BOGOF deal from Tiger Cars so they are now renamed - to be called the Tiger Twins or Tigerman and Tiggergal. Mr. Darkbeer was extremely chuffed as the wheels of unknown origin have been sold, packed and posted with the MG rising up the price scale on the seaside auction site. A few groups formed with the normal banter.  Topics including Harewood Hillclimb School, polish types and MOT’s with a few yet to be patented ideas hatched for a V8 toaster. The Newby trip itinerary and numbers sorted with one exception being Sec who is otherwise engaged setting up Scammonden for the following week - but is not playing out yet in the new single seater which won’t start !

Stoneleigh 2017  The appointed RV at Woodall for most except Johnny Petrolhead who decided to try Woolley Edge instead!  Some motorway chaos ensued with two separate rolling road blocks on the way down, one due to animals grazing the central reservation.  Ten cars met, parking close to a snobby Stratos that didn't even say hello!  The convoy set off with no anticipated issues at the new airport junction.  The new plot was easily found (next to GTM) - a much drier plot and still close to everything.  Camp was pitched in windy conditions, the event shelter acting like a sail in the lee of the support van.  Then after a relaxation break where the North West defector CD2 saw the light to return and say hello, many set off for the first look round as more late-comers arrived.  Some members were looking to choose and buy cars.
The show seemed busy but with fewer manufacturers present than normal – no Sylva based manufacturers displaying with inside space now taken by spares suppliers usually sited outside.
NR assistance helped Kevin recharge the flat trike battery due to a defunct regulator before he headed home.  A few used the farm shop for tea, the rest tried michelin starred salmonella entrecotes from the Tesco finest disposable barbecue slow cooker !!  After the burger and pork tartare was wolfed we were joined by two HMC members the entourage enjoyed a mass walkabout in warm conditions, eventually getting to the event hall only to find the band had been and gone even though it was still light outside !!  So it was back to base camp for booze, barbecue (now fully ablaze), banter and balloon game.  Most turning into bed by 11 pm !!  We must be getting old.
After a noisy night of rain the farm shop was the favoured spot for breakfast before another lap of the show to allow the tents to dry off.  Some packed up to go early, CD Original arrived, the others in serious purchase negotiations opted for a later return to chance the weather.

April, OGL away so no report unless someone feels they want to wax lyrical.

March and AGM –one hour of officialdom rattled through with new posts created- Club Tools Coordinator, a new Social Secretary a Facebook administrator .  Recently purchased club tools and existing items are now collated into letting list. This now includes members own tools for assistance throughout other club members. See Fencewrecker for details. Keep a close eye on the event calendar which will increase with newly added dates soon. We have confirmation of a new pitch at Stoneleigh now away from the paddy field.  Space to pitch gazebos and have official barbeque time for quality social club interaction. 
Mr Darkbeer thinks the club is turning into a home and gardens club with himself installing a new kitchen, Cobraman building an extension, Fencewrecker replacing several avocado bathrooms.  Babble this month included the new F1 cars, Ferrari International Assistance (FIA), Braun car in a Northampton garage, Bumble, The blue MG and Cobra up for sale.  Tyres availability at Polly Motorsport then Darrel turned up. Being one of the founder members (lapsed) prompted a club history lesson.  Then it was time to be thrown out at 11.30 - the night having passed so quickly. 

Febraquarius- 17 babbling conversationalists swarmed the pub. Subs were taken all around except OGL who had no cash so paid his by standing order (note everyone this is an option!). Merry banter abounded - too much to be specific but Cobraman is after a campervan and just has to persuade ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’ that it is a good idea to have one.  Tales were told of house extensions and planning department woes but at least there is a spare oven now going for grabs if anyone wants one for powder coating.  Mr Darkbeer will just use the one in the kitchen anyway but don’t tell ‘she who is obeyed’. 
Stoneleigh is booked on the usual site but with some hopes of possibly moving to a dryer pitch   The club now has some tracking kit and being so central & close to the meet venue it seems logical that Fencewrecker will become the official keeper of the tools. A few muted a possible name change to Dave the Tool with some mild titters. Nice to see Mr. Tango back almost fighting fit after all the recent health battles. Hopefully he will give the Nankangs NS-2R’s an airing at the first Blyton day reporting back with a definitive answer of their capability after the outing. The 2017 agenda is filling up and a definitive list of ‘floating date events’ should be published after the AGM.  Quantum Gal is now looking at a Tigers but definitely not a Radical.   Some discussed the dirty word diesel vs. petrol. Conspiracyists think diesel stealth taxes will ensue to persuade the public to purchase petrol and half fuel consumption doubling the government coffers ! Someone even mentioned the return of a scrappage scheme in diesel disguise. AGM next month – any notifications send to Sec before 24th Feb

Surprise Surprise Birthday Boy - 21 of us, mostly dressed with items of yellow attire attended the surprise party for Sec who unusually wasn’t dressed all in yellow. The party was a well kept secret with the bemused Sec aghast that he had no idea. The vibrant yellow wig was passed around for photo opportunities for those that wanted to look like a Limoncello Gelato. Mr. & Mrs. CD Original baked a HUGE yellow cake adorned with car and road icing, Carol laid on a buffet and thanks go to Extreme Gal for organising the party and Mr Darkbeer for the balloons. One very notable conversation discussing fantasy cars had the usual R8, Lambo, Ferrari, Healy 3000 dreams but with Mrs. Fencewrecker just wanting a light blue car (that will be Wilshire Blue then?).  Cobraman and Extreme Gal had a very Radical time over the holidays but neither was as fast as the instructor. Mr. & Mrs Santa from HMC arrived later being double booked for a 50th to join the party.

Christmas Fayre - 24 jolly souls enjoyed the festive feast. Sec dressed in yellow of course. A car quiz was passed around after the fine food then those with babysitters on overtime left, the rest reclined to more comfort to sign off the rest of the year. Thanks to Carol and Tim for hosting us and feeding us favorably again. See you all in 2017. Merry Christmas

December Grotto The festive season is here. Sec announced 24 for Christmas Dinner. A few are looking to put CV's into McLaren for the new job. E By Gum Racing can act as driver agent. Consensus was Nico had to go as he can't be fined retrospectively for cheating the way to the title. Bumble is now in hibernation as Gerry defaulted on the Brexit deal. Sec entertained with a history lesson on the M62 motorway and 1,800,000,000,000 gallon dam building project and is a ‘special’ key holder worth £6000 a throw if lost. HMC put high pressure (ha-ha) on the Water Board to make a special track up the dam - one of only two dedicated car tracks in this country (Corby being the other). The HMC new project is to try to re-instate Holme Moss Hill Climb where Mr. Campbell still holds the hill record. In those heady days the gravel had to brushed back onto the track after the event ! Now you just have to sweep bicycles out of the way. Then talked about helicopter display rides with Bells and a Lynx at a council function. And finally mentioned the Citroen Dyane squished by a hay bale on the drive! 
Mr. Darkbeer is starting a kitchen carb clinic and rubber recycling club now he has a full collection of wheels from 22 to 10 inch. But only into the wheelie bin as KMC refuse to take rubble refuse any more (including plasterboard). Dates for 2017 Blyton are already in the diary The McLaren track car had £6000 spent on 15 sets of new pads in 2016) but Mr. Darkbeer doesn't do camping so will commute. Extreme Gal needs a hotter sleeping bag. A few fancy trying more Rallycross events in 2017 and a few have interest in forming a team to compete in some soap-box derby somewhere. Branded Y.C.C. or E-by-Gum Racing of course. Finally is Stoneleigh on for 2017 ? If not we will have to find another venue

November – a mischievous night with a few eating plates of Sizzlers and Bangers. Sec feeling under the weather with man flu sneezing like a Volcano wanted to share it with everyone sitting close by erupting like a Roman Candle occasionally. Corgiman arrived like a Comet with some Sparkler tales. Quantum Gal has sold Bumble so the new car shopping list-includes a Riot/J 15/Striker/Westie/and even a cat C Caterham write off (must have missed the Traffic Lights in a Snowstorm !). All shipped in with their favourite – even an MEV Rocket was mentioned. Mrs. Fencewrecker broke her leg on the first day of half term so currently isn’t a Jumping Jack!  Conversation centred the rallycross day out, tales of retro car racing-Renault 4’s, Sporting Trials intricacies (with Fencewrecker & Johnny Petrolhead wanting to take a look sometime). A few potential events were mentioned for next year for fun days out – such as tractor pulling, more rallycross, and trials. Blyton is booked for 2017 - the dates are in the diary. Johnny Petrolhead announced he is into recycling, Brexiting bottles back to Krautland - the only person to be taking boot-fulls back into Europe. A regular recycle Repeater.  Machinery purchases for the club to share talked about with Post Office scales being the first and possible laser alignment tools to follow for those Catherine Wheels set-up. Christmas meals are all being booked and paid for so those not yet on the list talk to Sec or Jo otherwise there won’t be enough Fawkes for the Guysgroan !

10th Anniversary All members and rarely seen partners came togged up (Sec dressed in yellow as always) for the celebration dinner. A pretty full turnout at Luigi's for a convivial meal in a babbling noisy atmosphere.  There was amusement over the head waiter as we weren't sure if he was actually Mr Luigi who looked like a cross between Manuel and Mr. Super Mario Kart.  After the meal the 10th Anniversary cake candles were lit and the car shaped cake shared. OGL was full of cold so couldn't fight against the background noise to do a speech. However a big thank you to all the club members for the ongoing support over the past 10 years. Here's to the next decade of fun and frivolity.

Oktoberfest A good turnout but where was Sec? We all missed him but where was he? We were jilted for a jazz jape in Marsden so – we’re not good enough? Unbelievably we had a CD and CD 2 – rare so refuelling the debate of LP/MP3, Senior/Junior debate. Plus a welcome back to Mr Tango after all his trials and tribulations of this year. The last Blyton of the year was a wet affair with a few calling quits by lunch.  Bumble is up for sale and Extreme Gal wants a dedicated track car. Everyone put their two-panned in suggesting Tiger/Riot/MK Indy/J 15/MEV/ et al,et al…..… Mr. Tango has some slick ‘n trick Toyota Racing oil but isn't sure whether he can actually use it. Lecky Man came bearing gifts but there were no takers for the open face helmet up for grabs.  There were plenty tales of Masham & tents and return home woes sharing the road with Le Grande Départ wannabies !! The whole evening was a babble of happy conversation. Fencewrecker entertaining us with the Scarborough ‘coitus interruptus’ dash. 
The Christmas meal is booked for the 10th December, the menu is on the forum, Facebook, whatsapp……   Numbers, choices and deposit to Sec or Jo preferably at the November meet.  See you all next week for the anniversary of officialdom at Luigis Birstall.

Mmmmm Masham a beautiful hot weekend, 12 noon the appointed rendezvous and most arrived late. Quantum Gal tripping over her bottom lip due enforced use of the tin top carrying camping kit as Bumble was in dry dock. So, Cobra man redistributed the camping wealth around the remaining so she could travel in Cobrastyle. The posse set off on the scheduled route via LBA to collect some more northern members. About a gallon of 4-star was consumed in the tunnel with throttle blipping gusto sounding divine. Then onwards through Pateley Bridge to Masham, The campsite was found, a nice site clean shower blocks & wooden tepees. OGL pitched the dog kennel to cries of 'is that it' but was the first to tuck into the beer waiting for everybody else to catch up.
Most walked to town except those travelling back on the night ferrying the injured Sec to the square for a potter then food at OGL's namesake pub. The youngest and oldest both enjoyed Old Peculiar before moving on to Theakstons which was closing so, set a route via the backstreet garages to the Black Sheep Brewery for some Golden Best and sticky cream cakes in the beer garden. Sec displayed his ‘Bear’ poses, dog barking and trumpeter skills. Next venue had to be The Bear refuelling Sec’s Toblerone imitations once again. The final visit was the Kings in the square before the sober drivers set off home and walkers swayed back to camp for the nightcap.
Dawn rose and another sunny day. Corgi man and Quantum Gal set home early to start the 10k. The rest having full English at the cafe whilst the sun rose to dry the dew before packing up and into the square to join the bikers for a coffee before setting off home over the moors via Pateley and Stump Cross, fighting with bicycles two and three abreast all the way! A cracking trip out.

September 'Twas a fine , dry night - and a GTM owner travelled many, many, many miles to the Old Colonial in the hope of meeting the driver of a special red machine. Pa ! OGL couldn't be bothered to turn up, AGAIN, (excuse no. 231 – Sunnier climes) our valiant crew made the weary traveller welcome, whilst he in turn showed a very brave face. Some have endured many a sleepless night wondering whether that poor northern soul will overcome his disappointment and join us again – Please do, OGL will suffer many slings and arrows and will be truly repentant and may even have a few pennies ready to fund a welcoming glass. (No chance – Brasso Inlcutcho Intacto – Ed !!)  Otherwise many a tale was told and a jolly and fulfilling evening so, all departed in a glow of good cheer.

Filey Frolics &  Fish ‘n Chips – a rendezvous at 10am then Sec speedily set off in the direction of the rising sun with the rest following but every traffic light turning red holding half a pack back. The convoy whistled past the nominated late rendezvous point before turning off the A64 heading for the back roads. So, the first stop was to wait for Corgi Man to catch up. Then it was onwards to the Sea Spray for a cuppa and comfort break. Sec then speedily set off eastwards again turning left here, right there in a very scenic route but without the rest on his tail.  Eventually when we all got together Sec led us through some interesting roads (a.k.a. farm tracks!) before we got to see the seaside spray. Parking on the cliff top - cars now polished underneath! we eventually paid before heading down to the beach for a compulsory paddle. Seasick P and Jo met up with the young ‘uns and after fish ‘n chips the sandcastle competition began for some with others enjoying the sun. Then a walk up into the town past the band playing in the gardens where, a few had refreshments (the stragglers missing out) before a final walk along the prom then up the cliffs back to the cars. OGL did a fine job of wending a bit more of a direct way westwards back home. A grand day out enjoyed by all 12 attendees.

Hot August Night a fine warm eve with 14 of us, yellow cars prevailing apart from one  Wilshire Blue and orange (3707 Zenith Blue, and 3957 Tangerine by the way),  one furious navy and one red GTM being the exceptions. Mr Polish and Johnny Petrolhead in a tintop The Silverstone Classic featured highly in conversation as did the Sunderland Air Show trip with about 15 on the boat.!  Blyton fired the cockles of the hearts of those that attended again with Quantum Gal topping the lap league with Fencewrecker equalling 86 laps apiece. Many poured over the throttle body conversion with the anticipated aero screen and FIA spec roll bar upgrade ready for competition after the 2 L Zetec is installed.  Then comparisons between the Elise and VX 220’s with much detail such as 145bhp/875kgs vs. 134bhp/725kgs, height, width, length down to roof & doors all compared  Plans were set for the Sunday run and the route taken from Sec’s old fashioned analogue map - yellow of course. Masham weekend is set for 10th of September with probable camping and the anniversary celebration plans simmering for 10th of October - a probable Italian with Zizzi's in Birstall being favoured. In between times Carol has invited the club to Tim's 60th party on  on  Sat 17th September.

Wheels In The Park. A gaggle of cars turned up at OGL's house at 10 am Sec having arrived earlier then all trickled down to the Park to line the cars up opposite the bikes and tractors before bacon butties  & tea all round. I&K Classics arrived next in a cacophony of V8 burble and some clubs stragglers arrived later.  The weather was good (better than the pessimistic forecast) with no rain. The Ferrari 308 and McLaren never showed because of the threat of rust-aid but all in all a nice family day out and plenty interest in the cars from Jo Public with a few knowledgeable about kit cars having wanted them in their youth. Than mid afternoon some returned to home to watch the GP. The party organisers have given us big thanks to all who turned up and they were very pleased with our support. Feedback might include some local garages & AA/RAC on stands next year?

OCC Breakfast Tour - a convoy party met at the Three Blue Ladies with other making their own way. 15 went on the tour and the anecdotal history tour conducted by Ian.  Through the body shop to the garage’s inner sanctum. Then back into the cafe for tea and cakes before zipping off home again. A nice trip out.

Woulda Coulda July - wet wet wet and full of excuses of  could've brought the VX 220, Escort 1600, Cobra, Quantum (although mid TB conversion), Westie, Caterham, Fury, Striker, Raw but all remained cosy, tucked up in garages.   However two cars did brave the deluge the GTM & MR2, Some Caterham guys came looking for CD Phantom - but so are we!  A good turn out - a bit like the referendum. Discussion centred a lot around brexit vs remain and whether we would still masticate bratwursts, or buy BMWs, K-series cooling and engines featured a lot along with Blandy's car collection, how Castrol R is the best perfume (at which point James said it worked for him! ) and using dishwashers to clean oily bits. Corgiman is looking for some new tyres.  Sec has installed new R1 carbs and OGL  now wants them too. Fencewrecker showed off GoPro videos of the Hayabusa turbo MEV on track zipping by on a wet Blyton day. Dancer and VX man invited Sec to a class but Sec thinks her mates wouldn't keep up with him. Corgi man is worried about cats catching fire on Millie. The meeting time and venue was set for the convoy to OCC Sunday then Darren & Fencewrecker legged it home whilst others paddled.

An early mid summer June night and a good turnout on a warm night sitting out and a few eating al-fresco. CobraMan & Quantum Gal went on a racing school and taught Marc Hynes how to drive but cam away with copious notes from the day which, we all enjoyed. Mr Tango returned with Frazer Nashman albeit trussed up like an Eater Turkey with hospital bondage. Sec enjoyed the Monaco Historic F1 and the disasters with the recovery hoist dropping a McLaren back on track just as the safety car pulled into the pits! only to come straight out again mid field causing havoc with a Tyrell. Track day tales were told & Johnny Petrolhead recounted memories of Circuit de Frog and sleeper Xantias plus super fast Trannies (the van type not the people type).  Liveried merchandise was handed out for those that ordered, with sec and Quantum Gal both shining out in day-glo yellow. OGL had to leave early with excuses of family commitments and the meet carried on ……….. Maybe more to add later

Oil Can Spring Meeting, OGL got there early (for a change) to blag a "plot" all together. But where was everybody? The convoy had steering issues with union joints coming adrift on a Westy! Still plenty of hands helped speedily mend it. Once mobile again the convoy joined the tale of a very oversubscribed meeting which saw cars queuing as far back as New Mill to get in on a one in one out basis. So the reminder got there eventually with a good turnout of 11 cars to view an eclectic mix on display of cars, bikes, wagons, tractors and even a whirlybird helicopter. The party was good, barbecue & beer stand well attended, then, black clouds loomed ! A few spots started. Many put the roof up and a mass exodus ensued to get home before the downpour. Roll on the next HMC meeting in July.

Balmy May  - a warm balmy evening sitting out and a first run out for a few. Cobraman was playing in rugby all day so left the V8 at home. Seasick P showed off the Fury with the new engine and thinks Dennis Vessey is the man to tickle the carbs. Johnny Petrolhead entertained us with more tales including the one about Viagra - why did James Bond take Viagra ? SO he could Roger Moore Ha Ha. She who thinks she is obeyed learned of OGL's new engine desires – a shock to her! Interest was seeded in the potential Sylva Mallory track event in August.  A few were looking to Harewood for Saturday & also Sunday to watch the big boys blast up the hill. Sec got fully up to speed with Facebook getting friendlier by the minute with WhatsApp in the wings as well. All left with plenty events to fulfil those with an empty diary in the next few weeks.

Kit Car Party 2016 – with the usual rendezvous at 08:30 Woodall Services. Sec swooped in en-route to Donington Classic. The convoy set off on schedule with a few taking the lead at different stages. Finally Sec peeling off to play with priceless historics and Fencewrecker deviated to McBurgers to purchase promised treats for cost centre 1. The rest travelled in convoy until the airport when Cobra Man lost his tickover in traffic to trickle to a garage. Extreme girl came back to save him the remainder carried on regardless in true Top Gear style and set up camp. Cobreman then pitched up but where was Extreme gal? Lost on site. CD2 formally called CD Junior but now renamed MP3 played with the Tigers - the turncoat, but Ma and Pa knew the correct people to side with & joined the proper party.
The day was sunny and warm, the snow of the previous week a dim memory. More members straggled onto the stand to bolster the reasonable turnout with Sec eventually joining the posse later in the day. The show had lots of new shiny bits including some nice Tribute Ferrari 250's, many Z3 based things and plenty of Cobra types from GD/AK/Dax/Hawk, as well as the new Riot and Sylva, Some tried the farm shop for tea, 0GL grazed from GTM to join Fencewrecker et-al at MNR hospitality before the move to the evenings entertainment to be deafened by the live band where the WhatsApp group was formed. Show time over, all returned to the cosy Coleman shelter, befriending Jack Daniels Fire. A few called it quits and turned in for the night. Then twang!! The false Ferrari neighbour trashed his tent in deference to camping. The hardy few continued until Jack had gone then swayed to bed.  Dawn broke and many tried the farm shop cafe big brecky – all bar one who was still under the influence of Jack! Tents and shelter were hastily taken down before the forecasted rain came.  
CD Senior, temporarily known as CD Phantom, formerly known as CD Original but ought to now be called CDLP arrived just as the convoy for home set off. Extreme Gal was running on fumes so, in a roundabout way called in to tank up whilst OGL sped off into the mist. All were soaked by the torrential storm on the way home but skin is as they say waterproof

April Fools Day – well the weather fooled us – Nice and sunny until mid pm then the heavenly power wash arrived so, only the Quantum plus gal drove there, the remaining (including two potential newbies with a VX220) used tin top transport. The Quantum got it first trip out to the Oil Can Café for a HUGE afternoon tea before returning in the rain. Mr. Polish on the way back from London had a bit of T-bone this week (but not the steak variety). Going to need a lot of Autoglym for that one.
This months news: Seasick P is mid engine swap, orders for merchandise were taken, Cobra boy burnt his trousers again! this time on the Quantum exhaust, Mr Corgi has floaty wishbones which were held together only with rust, A few use umbrellas in lieu of car hoods. James helped Richard, who helped Dave, who helped OGL who is a helpful soul anyway. The joys of the club membership. Plenty new dates are now listed on the calendar- see website for new additions but Facebook is taking over from the forum so keep an eye on that for new news and meet ups. Track dates are looming and several are booked to play out especially now since the motorsports bureaucrats new regs seem to be stopping competitors (who pay for these rule makers with self funded fees) from competing in the cars they love and have used for the past 20 years !! We all know the risks of completing so let grass roots be cheap otherwise more than a few are looking to drop out of competition t seek fun elsewhere. The annual convoy to the Stoneleigh camping puddle is organised for a 08.30 Woodall meet for those that like getting out of bed early. Johnny petrol head is looking forward to another chicken sandwich (please send in pictures from the last one!) and he is already collecting fruit ciders now to get his five a day intake sorted. We suspect the rest will all have sausages again ! Roll on the 1st May

March AGM and a good turn out. A much longer than average officialdom for our 10th year anniversary with an  h&s event officer appointed, Money to spend on communal tools or techhie kit. Requests to be voted on at the next First Friday meeting.  Memorabilia uptake was mentioned and a request for hoodies (yes possible). With the demise of various shows ideas of days out were given as suggestions to fill the gaps appearing in the calendar. So car shows in Wakefield, Bolton, and Hebden Bridge, muted and subject to sunshiny days got plenty of interest. Rain means no open toppers just tin tops.. Cold rain means snow go - ha ha.
Suggestions of runs out include the new British Sports Cars Saturday coffee mornings, MEV, Squires, Whitby and Harewood Hill Climb. Also social events including meals, bowling, etc. involving those normally left at home lady folk are all options. See the calendar page on the website and use Facebook or the forum for the more ad-hoc adventures. October should see a celebration dinner, maybe with the Dogs at Bell Vue/Bolton?
Two splinter groups then formed with various banter. One side talked about suspension and suspension bushes, poisonous plants, LS7 Chevvy power plants weighing only 150 kg (pure joy!). Corgi man seems to have more bolts than Usane and also has a double decker garage full of bendy wheels to fit on wider wishbones. He has also come of Smartphone age so plenty specialist car apps of interest can now bamboozle him. Cobra Man has a collection of some new ‘breathing bits’ in the greenhouse, especially to delight Extreme Gal. Finally before departing the debate over metric fine and metric course bolts, the tensile and torsional strength of both when tightening was set as homework for Sec to bring ‘The Book’ in for next time.

Let’s get Quizzical Again All participants felt thickos but a few good 50-50 calls gained fine points. Some tuff mudder questions were asked and we talked ourselves out of a few answers - again! But Ben-Hur helped us out. So, all in all a reasonable showing as we did OK. Next quiz second Wednesday in March

The February Reunion saw Bracey re-emerged from hibernation and CD Phantom swoop in. But you never see CD Phantom at the same time as CD Junior. Corgi man flashed through en route home from Brummieland. Extreme Gal has taken a Quantum leap (Yeah it's yellow!). Garage space is full of a snake so either it’s a bid to go into soft fruit production or, the car is nesting in a poly tunnel. Plans are afoot with plenty eBay purchases arriving. A few others admitted to double-click shopping under the affluence of incerhol.   Seasick P wants more GG’s under the bonnet so going black top. Trucker Tim turned up but without the bike LK. Maybe March.   Banter centred more around luxury manufactures lowering average EEC emissions like Aston Martin and a £40k Smart (is that it called an Aston Smartin – groan !!) , OGL liked the YouTube vid of the Smartuki GSX engined ForTwo overtaking Porsches on track days,  few giggled at the sketchy tuning tales of Hooray Henry Caterham toffs. vs. us real world boys and girls, caravan car trailer conversions to hide your pride and joy. Webber’s book furtively swapped hands with a few subversive comments but not about ‘multi 21’ – apparently a good read.  Extreme girl really really wants some yellow seat belts like SEC got cheap last year and Cobra Boy has a new wardrobe now after the snake burnt most of his coats and trousers. Some complained about the weather until Johnny Redmist mentioned he was experimenting with bonnet snow moulds in frozen Germany.  All said a friendly ta ta, some ready to meet at the Wednesday quiz and Fencewrecker promising to come to the next First Friday on the ‘Land Rover’.

Quiz – We named ourselves The Yellow Car Club - of course !! The first round of photos was hard, followed by forty questions of varied topics. We talked ourselves out of some answers and didn't write others in. All in all, three points off the winners who had equally low showing. Carols super hot curry and buffet to finish. OGL winning the chance to win £100 in the raffle but fluffed the first London Undergrounds tube station to have an escalator question. Still he was a bottle of red to the better. More revision required for next time boys and girls.

New Year New Member - Newby Dave with a Saab Turbo Indy and Omega gearbox joined the madhouse and was treated to ‘Turncoat’ turning up in full yellow, getting animated about the official Gulf Racing colour names (powder blue ‘Wilshire Blue’ and marigold), the new and potty MSA regulations regarding roll bars, classics and kit cars which were unanimously voted as stupid with added confusion about three wheelers and motorbike/sidecar combos.
Then other banter about breaks/ brakes/ bonhomie /bad boys / boyhood boozing and the biggest sign wars battling between McDonald's /  KFC. But nobody has noticed. Fencewrecker divulged how we nearly bought an F1 team under our guise ‘E By Gum Racing’ before tangenting off to the red mist driving of Irving, Hunt, Prost & Senna. Christmas TV had a few enjoyable treats like tractor pulling and monster big feet as well. OGL reminisced about tractor wheelies at Cholmondoly with a JCB GT doing over 100mph !! Cobra Gal wants to ‘Rush’ about looking for Robin Hood but will be happy to be treated to something a bit ‘Extreme’ from Cobra Guy. The correct Blyton days are on the web with high hopes of the 1975 F5000 Andretti car turning up again, maybe with another local collector who also has few to play with. Techie talk this month centred around special paint & flowers on motorways put there to absorb CO2 . How knowledgeable is that ! Well we’ll see at the Quiz on Wednesday night.

‘It’s Christmaaaaaaas !!’ and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ on ‘The Twelfth Day Of Christmas’, at ‘The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’ we ‘Made It Through The Rain’. for it‘s ‘Only A Winters Tale’ to ‘Santa’s Party Tonight’ where it was ‘Christmas All Around’, We were all ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’, all except Turncoat - Lotus Collaborator. Double booked like ‘Last Christmas’.
Seated amidst ‘The Holly And The Ivy’ with some ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ music playing, Carol's festive feast with ‘Mistletoe & Wine’ was enjoyed by all non traitors. Then surprise surprise, after the last mince pie crumbs had been consumed, turncoat turned up ‘Walking In The Air’ singing ‘Don't Mess With My Tutu’ - yellow of course, giving just a hint of  what could have been. A few shouted ‘Run Rudolf Run’ but thankfully there were no ‘Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire’ or any ‘Silver Bells’ as the ‘Ding Dong Merrily On High’ was not being worn.!
So after ‘It Came Upon A Midnight Clear’ we all ‘Wished You a Merry Christmas’ and said  ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ we  went ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ all except Fencewrecker who said ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ and walked.
‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ roll-on 2016.

Decadent Double Booked December. Is Gold the New Yellow? Sec (aka “The Traitor“) had a couple of dilemmas;
1/. Seeking approval; for a "Special Underwear Dispensation" for the party, with a gold thong thing that apparently came as an eBay 3-set (which the rest all thought would probably be called a bikini). This prompted many comments and several quizzical looks leading to final approval .....
Then 2/. The Traitor’s bombshell! Double booked ……..again  !! and by his own hand, admits he is losing the plot. So, after a good chastisement and drubbing the history of why we are nicknamed The Yellow Car Club was explained to the newbies who couldn’t understand why the ‘Traitor’ is regaled all in all shades of lemon & custard.
This month heard tales of old runs out,  and various convoy catastrophes, discussion about MGB roasters and a re-body having to go Q plate, Jenson versus Mark in former Karting days, with Fencewrecker confident he could beat him from a standing starter away from the lights but the trophy for that would go to the local taxi drivers! Desires of superchargers on the LS Chevvy, with possibly another one on a Mazda/MNR as well. OGL has had starting issues with ‘old’ fuel and some fuel facts such as the new potions setting like jelly over time. Blyton dates are booked for 2016 – contact ‘The Traitor’ for dates.
So we all departed the Festive Grotto armed with loaves of bread and bananas ready to meet back at Traitors Gate in a week.

Twas a Dark November Night, and OGL never stirred. Corgiman asked a simple electrical question, and left for home with a head reeling from a flood of complex answers. In between talk was of the Christmas Dinner, with names and choices added to the chart - if you're planning to come along, then get your details to Mr Sec. by Friday 4th December then turn up in your party frocks with cash in hand on Sat the 12th.  WARNING !! _you might need your sunglasses if Sec chooses the yellow attire again !!

Omnivore October as a few turned up early for food. Sec was very chipper - stealing everyone else's before deciding on a plateful of his own. A good turnout with several roadsters including the sumptuous snake braving the dark and cooling weather. 
Banter centred on the recent emission scandal with new models likely to be called the ‘Loophole’, or ‘Fiasco’ and sold with an advert called ‘Emissions Impossible’. Anyway anyone who has just bought a new peoples car is probably now fuming - Ha ha !! We reckon all other manufacturers will have similar software but just haven't been caught. Another fine Blyton Test day was talked about, Corgiman got the ‘newbie’ McLaren 650SC intro ride then, found out the Striker’s fuel pump doesn't produce enough oomph, probably due to two 20 year old blocked fuel filters. A few,  bitten by the competition bug wanted to know more about MSA hill climb regs with pending purchases of suits, helmets and tyres but not the super sticky one lap tyres used by the frugal fuel single seater brigade. Motty is now on engine version 4. Not to be confused with a V4.!  Snakeman and Snakewoman are looking to build a new track car but haven’t chosen the type yet. Several had memories of a good final Oil Can Café meet and the beautiful Lola was mentioned by a few. Energy company help lines got some wrath as we learned about Bill’s bills before Fencewrecker talked a lot about his ‘grandmother’ and her rights to tow trailers. Seasick P however, nearly couldn't keep awake due to Tamsin teething troubles terrorising the household.  The last topic was an economics lesson of population growth vs. electricity grid supply and probable future power cuts. 
Choices and numbers please at the next meeting for Christmas dinner on 12th December, 
Finally our good luck wishes go to Mr Tango and the pending lung op. Hope all goes well and we hope you have a speedy recovery...


Splendid September. Sec having played out close by opted to arrive way before time rather than fight rush the hour standstill home & back. Then promptly fell asleep in the car park. Tim nearly called in the hearse!  Lots turned out and two newbies came to investigate in a very tidy Dax Cobra with a nice sounding 5.7 (or was it 5.8) Chevvy & camber compensated front end. Very trick.
Plenty of banter and beer, 0GL expounded recent diesel exploits, two tales of devaluation of loan cars,  exploding karts and brakes discs burning in a pit of petrol!!
Mr Tango has bought the new Nankangs but can't use them yet as he is taking it easy with a collapsed lung.  Pah excuses! Fencewrecker likes his three penny bit Tankman remoulds and we reckoned they are now anti aquaplaning too.
Fantasy garages were discussed with imaginings of Fergies to fast Astons. Some nice free red caps were handed out and soon OGL will be as colour-coordinated as sec in Incy the Spyder. Tankman has now fixed all the doors, so installed heaters in the workshop. No excuses now. The car has to be ready for first Blyton or Stoneleigh next year whichever comes first...
Next meets - Oliver’s Mount on the 12th & the Oil Can Cafe BBQ on the 19th September to wave bye-bye to the season. Plans were finalised for Blyton on Monday,. To camp or not to camp was a big question. Christmas dinner was confirmed 12th December.

Sunny Blyton
Grrr thup Grrr thup Grrr thup. 140 mph. Whoa !
Turn ooof, Turn ooof, Turn ooof
Grrr thup Grrr thup Grrr thup.
And that's just the first quarter lap in the MEV turbo busa three wheeler with circa 900 bhp/t !!
Others then transported this reporter around in various jalopies from the quiet and production to noisy fly spatting open cockpits 7’s. All fast and furious. A new circuit layout used. Interesting variety of lines folk take especially in Curva-Grande with the deliberate bumpy bits jus before the hairpin. Good weather, good company, ACE day out.

Anticipated August  OGL & Sec nearly didn't make it when their mini convoy was attacked head-on by four cars going up a one way/no entry!!  They parked perfectly, but there was some pretty poor parking performance practiced by Fencewrecker. Corgi man however has the excuse he just followed the diagonals. The 7’s were outnumbered by shapely roadsters but all were highly coordinated in red, yellow and blue (except the silver MR2). After cheers and plenty thumb voting, talk turned to tyres. Toyo TR1’s & Triple 8’s plus Yoko AO48’s of course featured highly but praise from several sources sung for the new kid on the block Nankang & the cheap NS-2R’ and they do 13” too. It was mentioned that the coloured spots on the wall are there to align either the rubber or ally valves for good wheel balance. But does Mr. ThickFit actually take note?  Corgi man fumed about repeated incorrect gas bills invoicing Cu ft as CuM then others mentioned the freebie gas from the aged next door. The can of gas worms now opened, gas pipes replacement, road works and high pressure siphon back problems everywhere gave us a little entertaining talk. Cheap diesel prices noted - put down to supply and demand (not) or, is it juts some ‘cracking’ good offers before we get the noxious tax!!  Other banter involved re use of V8 engines as a wine rack but a 24V head holds more, the best use of a selfie-stick is to assist with holding books for reading with aged eyes, ball joints for strikers, sparky lead degradation and modern car multi-compound. OGL may have a possible water rail leak that needs investigating but replacement late K-series Freelander with cams has triple thick head gaskets & is a strong replacement 135 hp engine. The next Test Days are September 7th and 27th.

July Japes - In accounting terms all the cars attended in ‘full employment’ with one driver per car. All kit types with the exception of Alberto in the Tonka Truck. The meeting was back at the new old venue following dissent for the old new venue. Mr Polish wasn't there, a few suspecting he couldn't get the car over the pebble on the drive ! Neither CD Junior nor CD Phantom was present....  Has their parallel time warp now collided them as one? Fencewrecker was full of the joys of cricket and describe how the cricket ladesses ‘seam’ the ball.  As Mr. Evans is the new Top Gear presenter.  Who would make a good co-host? Maybe we should join forces with the wooden Suzy P fielding the full ‘Eee by Gum Racing’ team for track tests.. Anecdotes of the last Blyton were told with those F1 Williams/McLaren mechanics joining in on the fun, plus tales of the journey home avoiding BMW / Audi chicanes following a rain storm. The last 30 minutes of track time saw Mr. Tango giving backwards passenger rides to the unsuspecting - gives new meaning to the words ' You've Been Tangoed'.  Now a few tyres are truly trashed, the temptation for new Toyo Triple 8 R’s or other cheap sticky rubbers inevitability torment the wallets of the needy before the next Blyton play day on 27th July. Other news; Seasick P only securing second dibs, missed out on a tidy 1800 Zetec on the Locost Forum,  Lekky man has designs on next years Glastonbury with his son feasibly featuring on stage. But who needs Glasto stage lighting when you have the recent impressive UK wide storm cloud display and the latest swiftly approaching thunderstorm. So as all were in tin tops a swift exit was made to beat the deluge. See you all at Blyton and next month's first Friday.

Nuns Back on the Run Again  Nuns in June …… Return to the Colonial in July.
There were several new faces at our June get together (I’m not even going to guess at the excuses for the usual missing bods). Interesting vehicles featuring great touches, good chat – spoiled only by the lack of seats. After much deliberation, the consensus was – we are back at the Old Colonial from July.
See you ALL there !?

Stoneleigh 2015 - breakdowns, boggy, booze, banter, bourbon & a band The plan was for 16 to meet 8.30 am at Woodall for onward convoy to the show, but the Mr T breakdown on Friday night & wet torrential rain saw only five, comprising three Westfields, 0GL and Seasick P. The latter two only just, as the red car got waterlogged on the slip road into the service station & the blue Fury few miles before. Both recovered to drive onwards to the show. The rest of the troop set off at different times ad-hoc to avoid the initial downpour & make best use of an improving day. Sec arriving on the stand in a ‘bath’ with waterproofs of course yellow coordinated with some snazzy fimbles gloves. 
Camp was pitched by the hardy 10 albeit in the paddy field again but in glorious sunshine as the day improved. Due to the lack of dry ground all were squeezed together in the strip of high ground, much to the delight of Johnny Petrolhead once more worried about his snoring. Notable absences were Mr Polish (under the thumb?) and Mr T whose car was lifeless. 
The day got warmer the barbecue came out and the hardy enjoyed a night of frivolity, Seasick P, worried about the journey home texted to say he'd made it safely so Johnny petrol head could now have a drink. (who had forgot and had already been oiling the tonsils since 6 pm). So booze, banter, bourbon & a band - the deafening tones of The Original Members kept the team occupied.  James managed his five a day - all in one glass drinking fruit cider, followed by beer, honey and eye bourbon. Once back at the camp. The stamina boys hit the wine and shots before bed.. 
Johnny Petrolhead’s alarm went off 6 am to wake all those who didn't want to get up to a nice morning but more rain in the night had re-filled the paddies. (New pitch has been requested for next year?  Another look round the show and some bits were bought including relays with inclusive beepers. Interring bits:- for the Striker boys, a nice retro fit anti roll bar set up on the Stylus Stand, an exquisite new Ultima spinning showing all its glory and some low entry high lift hydraulic lifting ramps that the club will purchase for sharing.

May Day Mayday, Mr. Tango with the car ticking over at 3000 rpm !! It was ‘fixed’ but only to break down again on the way home for a 4 o'clock end to his night ! Sec looked dapper in a bowtie plus all clothes yellow. 16 came in various cars; CD phantom (nee CD 1/CD Senior) appeared, but no CD Junior. Funny they are never in the same place together? Maybe they live in a time warp zone……
The next Blyton track day is set for 22 June, display banners were discussed, camber and castor mentioned, Mr. Polish didn't bring the snow plough & Johnny Petrolhead is rekindling interested on the Pinto boat anchor now back on eBay yet again. The new F1 girl, Carmen Jorda raised plenty approving comments
The plans were set for Stoneleigh and an 8.30 start at Woodall approved. Corgiman and Lou wimping out of camping. Johnny Petrolhead needs to be in the next field to avoid snoring. Tank man and Mr. Polish aren't planning to make the Stoneleigh trip (told so by 'her who thinks she should be obeyed’).  Seasick P exhibited how to count to 4 3/4 on the fingers of one hand.  See you all Sunday Bright & early

April Fools Our brave adventurers arrived at the ‘New’ venue only to find that the “we must move brigade” had not turned a wheel - and the usual suspect(s) will surely have a good excuse!  We didn’t even outnumber The Nuns.  Two of our three knew that the Old Colonial drive had been modified by the council, so the little convoy returned to try it out and see Uncle Tim. On arrival, we learned that CD1 had turned up, found himself alone, and set off to find us. Ringing home, we learnt he had not returned so presumably he found a party elsewhere.  So now the question is “Whither meetuth us?”

Beardy March A hairy month, for those without were definitely in the minority!! Mr. Tango has been cultivating his all the winter and it's now down to his toes, Seasick P looks a bit upside down with shaved head and full face fungus, Fencewrecker and Leckyman sport the usual Goatees, Albere is cultivating some competition to Mr. Tango. Sec got bored with a full one so shaved the middle out of his creating a fine pair of Mutton Chops. Nobody understands what hair grown in ears is for.
0GL rattled through the AGM shouting over the noisy bar props with apologies from the ill Mr Tankman where the phantom treasurer remains elusive.  The AOB section  proposed a change of venue due to the car park size so, from April First Friday the new venue is now the old venue of the Three Nuns Cooper Bridge. The First Blyton track day of the season beckons on the 30th March.
Albere is on with another new car having restored his brother’s Ford, James has a tappety 1.8 and Paul chirped he has one too, but nobody cares as replacements are only 100 notes from a scrapper. Sec announced that James’s old Red Westie has been repaired yet again after it being parked in the barrier at Harewood. Mr Polish is keeping the warranty in check with the Elisything ECU “Big Brother” printout of all activity since driving it off the forecourt. Mr Tango wants some Bluetooth comms  and it looks like a new Kit Car Show is penned for August 22nd at Croft – it’s just one day so we may be looking for camping on the Saturday night with a run over the North York Moors Sunday? Other weekend ideas were muted; maybe a Lakes weekend and camping in North Wales.
OGL showed some nice pics of a very shiny mx5 engine churning out over 500 gee-gees. Fencewrecker bought some nice blue supercheap Silicon hose right on his doorstep & Bill announced Milly is nearly back on the road with a new tank.

February Frolics.  Sec arrived early, and when the boys turned up, they found him basking in the afterglow of that Steak Pie n Chips. Lips and fingers duly licked clean, it was time to collect the subs and issue pretty yellow cards – Seasic P received a good hand of them for his growing team. In and amongst the usual banter, quizzical looks were exchanged when it was suggested that a regular face was missing – no name could be conjured to fit, but it was agreed that whoever it was bound to have a good excuse! (I wonder who could that possibly be ?? Must pay my dues too– OGL)

Only Just January and soooo close to New Years Days some may still be recovering, Seasick P had a cold so he is excused.
The meet started with OGL regaling a day playing out over the holiday with a Russian T-34 tank, then tales turned to tractors, combines and new MOD tanks vs. old ones and tank theory with modern versus the old from Mr. Tankman..  It was decided that women accessorizing with cushions everywhere (and why have them on a bed?) is OK as we men accessorize with tools, fluffy dice and car DVD’s. Stoneleigh in May is the only show as the Newark date is still vacant, so we can possibly look at another venue on the calendar such as Croft Touring Cars with camping in Yarm or, possibly Helmsley Hall with camping and a car show.
The fastest car Sec has ever been in was a BMW CSL fantastic car with uber speed for such an earl type. Fencewrecker is upgrading the Ferrodo’s over winter as Clive is still trembling from almost not stopping at Blyth with a stuck open throttle.
A bit of F1 banter re Hammy being excellent and a deserved winner then talk switched to rally cars and Erik Carlsson's skill, agility and speed. We like the local TV using local locations - The Northern Lights studio filmed in last Tango, Happy Valley, etc. Some road range chatter ensued, followed by tales of youthful battles between Mods and Rockers in Scarborough and then Mr. Stag and Porsche Man came to join us for a while before we went our separate ways.

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